Kunshan Economic and Technological Development Zone(KETD) was awarded the fifth place in the assessment and evaluation of comprehensive development level of national economic and Technological Development Zone in 2018. With a total planned area of 115 square kilometers, more than 1000 enterprises from 41 countries and regions such as Europe,Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan have settled in the region, initially forming three leading industries such as electronic information. precision machinery and livelihood products have initially formed. Kunshan Economic and Technological Development Zone is located in the east of the city, which has basically formed a core area and two sub-centers of the city. We have basically achieved five common roads and one flat road. Since 1985, the development zone has invested more than 14 billion yuan in infrastructure construction. It has built 80 Bridges and 208 kilometers of roads, covering an area of 2.72 million square meters.
Kunshan Economic and Technological Development Zone
Foreign Investment:11billion
Global MNC Projects:1300
Total Area:115 KM2
Total Population:
Established in year of:1985
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